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83% of consumers who search for items on their phone wish to make their purchase on the same day.

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Today, customers are online regardless of their location and are searching for information in their immediate vicinity every day. Mobile end devices enable customers to access products and services wherever they have connectivity: at work, in their local market or in a store. Despite this, many businesses miss out on taking advantage of the current customer behavior.  According to the latest study by the institute for retail research,  every tenth brick-and-mortar retailer will be on the verge of failure in the next five years. Strategy consultants ECC Köln are predicting that 30% of all local retailers are likely to be forced out of the market as a result of shopping by means of a smartphone. Another 40% may survive, but only if they alter their business model. This is despite the fact that numerous solutions are already available to brick-and-mortar retailers for engaging professionally with their customers at all digital touchpoints and for attracting them into their local stores. Retailers must take the initiative and be open to innovative solutions, and either implement these themselves or in collaboration with service providers like Zipp Charge.